The Negative Side Of Leo

Usually, when we talk about Leo, we usually say that it is very energetic, a leader and, in general, we usually only hear positive aspects about it. But, it also has a negative side. Of course it has and we are going to talk about it here.


The negative Aspect of Leo

Leo is a sign with a lot of energy and confidence, but a lot of times these two good aspects move to the negative side, making this sign be presented as selfish, arrogant and egocentric. These aspects make the negative side of Leo and now, we will know more about it.

When Leo falls in a behavior of excessive personal valuation is because the security that it has and because it tries to hide the different complexes that it can have.

At the same time, Leo is highlighted because of its difficulty to assume failures and admit them. This can lead it to be a person quite difficult to deal with.

It is also a sign that does not listen easily to the advice that it may have been given and this makes it commit a lot of errors that could be avoided.

In a general way and concerning the negative aspects, it is also worth mentioning that it has a lack of compromise and that it is a very authoritarian sign.

To progress, this sign needs to understand that it is not the center of the world but part of the unity. At the same time, Leo needs to be more conscious of the feelings of the other people as it usually does not take them into account and it needs to focus on developing its authenticity.

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