Lover Under Leo

Leo is a lover that calls attention very soon to the opposite sex and it is because these people stand out over the others thanks to the self-confidence that they have. Now, if you want to know a lover under this sign, you need to know that they are born from the 22nd July to 22nd August.


Now that you have this fact clear, it is time to know a bit more about them.

Leo Lovers

There are a lot of the attractive features that the sign has, but the self confidence that they have is the one that stands out more. Now, besides being a lover that has self-confidence, there are other aspects that you need to know about it.

-          To start with it, you need to know that Leo is people very passionate and they show it strongly in intimacy. Actually, it can be said that this is one of the most passionate signs that we can find, together with Taurus.

-          Now, it also stands out their dominion and features of king. It is because of this that when we are with a lover of this sign they are the ones that dominate.

-          The control is something they love to have and they also like to have complete attention of their partners. This describes us a lover egocentric that can forget completely about the pleasure of the partner.

-           In any case, and seeing these aspects, we can finish with saying that Leo is a lover that has a lot of passion and it is perfect for people who want to be attentive to their wishes.

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